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Dear Andersonians,

On behalf of the Anderson School Alumni Association (ASAA), I would like to welcome you to join our association, as a humble way to pay homage and stay connected to our alma mater. Joining does not mean you have to pay a subscription fee or compulsorily engage in any activity the association or the school conducts (it should be voluntary). This is simply a platform for us to stay connected, stay in touch with each other as part of this big family. With your assistance, we can even contribute towards the progress and development of the school which has moulded and shaped us into what we are today. I know we all owe our beloved and esteemed school an enormous debt. Repaying this debt would be an insurmountable task, but we can show our gratitude in a variety of ways, no matter how insignificant we feel our efforts are. By joining you are already repaying this debt, and whether you participate or not in the activities and the events organized by the association or the school, you will have shown your utmost respect for the school that has undoubtedly, shaped or continues to shape your future. I encourage you to be a part of this association and never lose touch with your own family. We will always extend our hand towards one another and in all your endeavours, I wish you the very best.

“Enter to Grow, Depart to Serve”


Mosklander Marngar,

ASAA President


Kindly contact the ASAA President on +91-700-5223-445 or the Secretary of the Association, Lumboklang Nongphud on +91-700-5040-033 for further details. 

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Anderson School Alumni
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