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Anderson School


Dear Anderson School Community Member,

I hope you are keeping well during this difficult pandemic.

As the world enters and steps out of various degrees of lockdowns, I wanted to take this moment to sincerely thank and commend each one of you for all that you are doing for one another. I have seen and heard countless stories that have warmed my heart and strengthened my faith in the unwavering support of this School’s community.

We are now halfway through 2021 and, while we are still engaging in remote-learning, we have been able to see satisfactory attendance and performance from our students. Infrastructural challenges notwithstanding, teachers are able to manage well with the tireless assistance of parents and guardians who have made their mobile phones available. I want to acknowledge the incredible way our teachers and students are adapting to the current virtual classrooms and ensuring learning continues.

It's evident now more than ever that we need to do better as a school, as a state and as a nation with regards to our students’ exposure to the internet, building 21st century skills and bolstering mental health. I invite ideas and recommendations from all of you as we brainstorm and work collectively towards improving, shaping and reimagining the education of our young minds.

I look forward to having all of our children back on the school campus again in the weeks ahead. We have plans in place to mitigate COVID risks with all necessary health and safety precautionary measures and protocols. Let’s continue to provide a helping hand in moments of need, to all our fellowmen. Your ongoing advice, support and partnership are gratefully received. Thank you.

Stay safe, strong and determined! My prayers are with all of you and your loved ones.


W. A. Sohkhlet




Wellorich Andesn Sohklet
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