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The duties of a teacher are neither few nor  small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.

Dorothea Dix

Meghalaya State Awards

Smti. W.A. Sohkhlet the Principal Anderson Higher Secondary School Upper New Nongstoin, Nongtoin receiving Teachers’ State Award on the 5th September 2017 Education Minister Smt. Deborah C. Marak.



      Smti. W.A. Sohkhlet, the Principal of Anderson Higher Secondary School is the founder of the school from the Inception, 6th March 1991 till date. She has served the School for 30 years.

      As a teacher and Administrator Smti. W.A. Sohklet is very sincere, dedicated and hardworking, and deals with the parents, students, staff and all others in an efficient and competent manner, consistent in her drive for discipline and excellence, bringing out the very best both students and teachers.

      Her presence has greatly benefitted the school in all spheres. She has contributed mightily in raising the standard of the school and has been instrumental in the laurels and achievements of the school in all the SSLC and HSSLC Exams and all levels, Block, District, State and even National level. She is deeply committed in raising the level of education in the state at large.

Smti. Speltidoris Sanglyne the Vice Principal of Anderson Higher Secondary School Upper New Nongstoin, Nongstoin receiving Teachers’ State Award on the 5th September 2020 from Education Minister Shri. Lahkmen Rumbui.



      Smti. Spetlidoris Sanglyne, the Vice-Principal of Anderson Higher Secondary School has been serving the School for 29 years from 10 June 1991 till date. She has been a great pillar as one of the founding teachers when the school started. She is highly efficient, smart, sincere, dedicated, hardworking and co-operative Vice Principal having harmonious relation with all staff members, parents and students. She is the backbone behind the many curricular and co-curricular activities.

West Khasi Hills District Awards
IMG_20220905_120008 - 1.jpg

MR. BAEHBOR VICTOR MYRTHONG had joined the school on 8th July, 1998, completing almost 24 years of service. He has completed M.A in Political Science and B.Ed, teaching Political Science in the Higher Section and Economics and Civics in the Secondary Classes. Many students had got Highest Marks in his subject in SSLC in different years. Every year at least 60% of the SSLC students gets distinction in his subjects as well as some in HSSLC for Political Science subject.
As a teacher, he is highly efficient, smart, sincere, dedicated and hard working, co-operative having harmonious relations with all staff members, parents and students. He is highly esteemed and respected in society as a Church Elder, counsellor and teacher. He has extra responsibilities as a Member of the Managing Committee and the Sponsoring Body of the school. He is incharge of the SSLC Examination of Nongstoin II Centre from 2010 and HSSLC Board Examination 2022. He is the Head Teacher of Class VIII, Scout Master, the Teacher in charge of Sports. As our school Counsellor, he has imparted indepth Moral Values, manners and discipline in our students and teachers. He is the Nodal Teacher incharge of the Electoral Literacy Club and Legal Literacy Club. He has completed the NISTHA 2.0 (Secondary)
With regards to his colleagues, he regularly assist them in giving training in February annually, as well as assisted with the NIOS for Del.ED traineers in 2018 – 2019. He was Awarded by the NYK as the Best District Youth Leader in 1998 – 1999.
The school earnestly pray that his application for District/ State Award 2022 will be considered as this will help him in his teaching profession to uplift the welfare of the students.

                                                                                                                                            Smt. W.A.Sohkhlet


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