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For those who love to express themselves in non athletic avenues, the school holds an annual creative week competition in the month of October. This three-day event sees students exhibiting their skills in quizzes, singing, dancing, skits, extempore, flower and food arrangement, craft, spelling bee and drawing & painting.

Anderson believes in balancing out school life with fun! Studies and competitions are put on hold while the school comes together for their annual Teacher’s day and Children’s day events. Students and staff are entertained through concerts, picnics, games, movies etc. This allows everyone to come together and celebrate their teacher-student/student-teacher relationships.

Anderson School Evangelical Students Union was set up to give back to the community. Every Wednesday, after school hours, students who are associated with the union meet regularly for Praise and worship, Bible Study and sharing the Word of God. The union also holds camps, reunions, food fests and jumble sales on a regular basis. They also visit orphanages in Nongstoin once a year. The union is optional and open to students from classes 6 and upwards.

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